Photos and Videos

Ciwei Migrant Children’s Choir in practice

iRead at Dajing Elementary School

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2018 Fundraising Dinner

Click here to see our 2018 Fundraising Dinner video

A word from the children

Words of appreciation from children attending the "Kids First Programme"

Ningxia students

Then Foundation president Tony Lau with scholarship beneficiaries in Ningxia, China.

Guyuan Ningxia School

Then foundation president Tony Lau visiting Guyuan High School in Ningxia, China.

Students from East Hastings Students

Mrs. Eileen Lin with children from East Hastings School at 2003 fundraising dinner.

Dr. Constance Milbrath

Presentation at SCLCFC symposium

Dr. Adele Diamond

Presentation at SCLCFC symposium

Bill presenting a donation

Then Foundation President Bill Gooderham funding cheque to East Hastings Community School

Appreciation Dinner


Stars and Rain Teachers

Visit to Vancouver

Beijing Workshop

2018 Autism Workshop in Beijing for Stars & Rain

SCLCFC board member visit to China

Board members visiting Xinglong Middle School in Hebei, China (2005)

Class of 100

A crowded class of 100 in Nanxi Middle School in Anhui, Beijing


Parents and their children waiting for class to start at Stars and rain Centre in Beijing, China.


Mothers and their children in class at Stars and Rain Centre in Beijing, China.